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  1. Hi, I'm running Evernote 6.0 business version on my Macbook Pro with Yosemite. When double clicking a note in Evernote on my Mac, the title changes to Untitled! The same things happens on my iPad and I'm running Evernote with IOS 8.1.1. Is this a bug? If so, how do I report it? Or, is there a fix? I'm closing out of Evernote before I lose everything! Thanks! Colleen Update - actually, I learned EN deleted some notes, so perhaps my problem was really related to another thread posted on this forum. In any event, I restored those notes, shut down EN, and all is well again -- at least for now. You might look in your trash folder.
  2. Hi, Scandrop, a Third party app, that used to work with Evernote is apparently out of business. Is the original company, or another company considering reviving this great app that has a built in upload to Evernote? It was so easy to use my Brother scanner and Scandrop to activate my scanner, (or take a screenshot) , rotate images/scans, crop, delete parts of the scan, split and join pages, and upload to Evernote in one fell swoop! I really miss having the ability to load in a number of unrelated documents into the sheet feeder of the scanner and then use Scandrop to split the PDF files into separate notes that I can upload to Evernote. Or, is Evernote contemplating a new feature that will allow the user to split a batch of unrelated scanned documents into separate notes easily? Failing that, is there another App that will allow me to use my current scanner (Brother MFC J43OW) to easily split unrelated PDF documents into separate notes in Evernote such as what one does when scanning batches of documents i the quest to go "paper free" ? The Adobe Acrobat Pro software I have is just too tedious to contemplate using for splitting docs easily and then sending them to Evernote. Thanks!
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