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  1. Just updated to 10.6.9 version and I was quite happy to see the following update: "- You can now select a note from the note list using the arrow keys on your keyboard, to get you editing even faster." This allows me to go through my note list with the arrows, loading each note as it goes (but not entering editing mode, unless I press enter key). However, I noticed that in some notes Evernote automatically enters editing mode – i.e. I am no longer scrolling the notes list but editing the note. It seems to me that this happens when the note has a google docs/sheets link. Please fix th
  2. Same here. Constantly having to restart the app due to blank notes. I have been using EN since 2009 and I am now losing my trust in it.
  3. Same thing happening here. Currently on a process of assigning tags to notes. When checking the tag list a given tag has, for example, 5 notes but then upon selecting the tag not all notes appear. Spent some time trying to solve this only to find out it is an issue from Evernote
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