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  1. Hey guys, Absolutely, this 2-click process has to go. Those of us who use Evernote navigate through a lot of links to get to our information. The additional cursor movement and click adds up to a lot of irritation. Best,
  2. Oh no, no way to set default text? Yikes. Everything was fine until the update about a month ago, this is a disaster.
  3. Hey guys, Yeah, it's significantly worse having to click twice to get to the link. If I wanted the link address, I'd right click and go through. It's way more common to just want to navigate to the link, not get the link address. My notes are a labyrinth, I have to navigate all over the place. This is a lot worse double clicking. Best, Mike
  4. Hey Evernote, Add To Dictionary is a standard spell check feature in all Word Processing software. Please help us get this back! : ) Best, Mike
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