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  1. Thank you @luckman212 and @PinkElephant . I was thinking that these 2 options were the next things to try. I've made the mistake of not backing up local notebooks before, so I'm pretty conscious of that, but thank you for the reminder.
  2. I am having this issue as well. I just looked at the "About Evernote" info in the app on my iMac and it indicates that I'm running version 7.10 from the App store. When I look at the App store for a new version, it looks as if I've already upgraded, so doesn't offer an option to do so. And in the App store, the current version is listed as 7.11.
  3. I'm also not seeing some of my notebooks in the new web client. They are visible if I switch back to the Classic version. Are you all still working on this?
  4. When I use the clipper in Chrome, the title of the article that appears in the text of the note has a font size of 83. Perhaps I'll switch back to Firefox, too, until this is better.
  5. I am able to do the edits I'm looking for in the online version, but not on v. 6.10 on my Mac. I'm currently looking for the 6.11 Beta.
  6. I've done this also, and neither way enables me to select and copy text from the note.
  7. I use the Airmail 3 app (v. 3.1) as an email client connected to various email accounts. I save certain emails to Evernote, as PDF, from the Print Dialog box (I've attached a screen shot.) When I do this, Evernote opens and a note shows up there with the email as an attachment. In the past, I have been able to select and copy the subject from the email attachment and paste it into the title line of the Evernote note, but I am not able to do that now.
  8. I hope this is the right place to post this. I'm running OS Sierra and since that update and the most recent Evernote update, I'm unable to select or copy text within notes that I've printed to Evernote from Airmail. I haven't checked other sources.
  9. Just an FYI and Update: it appears that Evernote is no longer opening automaticlly on login for me. I'm on a Mac running Sierra (v. 10.12), and have updated to the latest version of Evernote (v. 6.9.2). I'd previously tried all of the suggestions posted here, without success, so perhaps updating Evernote and system is the answer.
  10. I've tried all of the above and Evernote 6.9 is still launching when I start up the Mac (late 2013 iMac running El Capitan v. 10.11.6). I also haven't updated to Sierra yet. Any other ideas?
  11. @BSR, Thank you. Evernote started loading at login after I upgraded to 6.9. I've gone through the process that @amanda_h descirbed and will pay attention the next time I login.
  12. Thank you @DTLow & @amanda_h. That seems a little obscure, but good to know!
  13. @BSR, Thank you for the response, I was just going to comment that I'm having this problem, too. Unfortunately, when I open the Preferences and look at the General panel, the "Open Evernote when I long in to my computer" option is not checked. I also tried unchecking the "Show Evernote Helper in the menu bar" option, but when I turned on my Mac this morning, Evernote started right up again. I have the Evernote icon in my dock and the "Open at Login" option is not selected there either.
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