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  1. I do apologize. My bad. For last 8 years on Evernote I was using nested tags. But just recently I simplified and removed hierarchy and make it flat. And because I'm not using Evernote that heavily as I used to - It completely slipped my mind :-D it is all Okay Pavel
  2. Hello, In this update I lost nested tags hierarchy. It is all flat. Pavel
  3. I asked many years ago to have always 1st line of body as Title as well. I hate "Untitled Notes". Surprise that on desktop version they exactly what I like. Why not on iOS?
  4. This is going to be really big! As tables always sucked! Thank you!
  5. There is misunderstanding here because this post is tagged as iOS - question is around editing ms office file attached to Evernote note on iOS - which is not possible
  6. There is no difference. Sorry I forgot you have done it already... so the last chance is to raise ticket with Evernote...
  7. You may try to delete local Evernote database (cache) in C:\Users\$username\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote So your files will get downloaded again from Evernote cloud. But you do have local notebooks...I dont know - then above is not safe for you..
  8. For handwriting on iOS - I have went thru very disappointed journey. Nothing can beat paper and pen and just make snapshot of it and save to Evernote. On recent Evernote conference Phil announced that there is revamped Penultimate app on the way - but do not get overexcited - it will never beat paper and pen in convenience of making handwriting notes. Regards, Pavel
  9. Hello, I had a similar problem. You can try trick I have found just recently (after using EN for 6 years!) there is hidding menu. Just hold CTRL and click on Help button - you will get bunch of hidden option. Try "Optimize Database" See picture attached Let us know if this works for you! Good luck! Regards, Pavel
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