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  1. Also: INSTALLS BUT DOES NOT RUN ON 10.10.5 No mention of this at all in the release notes or here. So, it breaks your installation.
  2. Slightly off topic but in my opinion this is 100% accurate. At some point EN's management have decided to focus on "upsells" (work chat, context) and "enterprise," so they can get investment money. I would love to know the revenue breakdown of "enterprise" contracts vs. "pro" subscriptions vs. their investment capital raised ($200+ million). Not that it matters, since I can't imagine any big company client being satisfied with this level of quality control. Many users must be stuck invested in EN's infrastructure, and dreading a transition to another product. My iOS app still does not run.
  3. I have support tickets going back to 2014 on this issue. Evernote have known about this problem for several years, but do not care to fix it.
  4. This is still a problem - the nags and ads for Business appear all the time. The "Tips" reset after every app update, so they always appear, and always show the exact same tips. The ad for Business actually covers up some window controls, making them unusable. EN has been so much better in the past year - the app on iOS and Mac are SO much more stable and dependable... Now they have decided to try and upsell all their paying customers, and don't seem to care at all that this is basically spamming their app, which we pay for. Typical Evernote...
  5. Evernote are trying to monetize our use and data so they can sell ads against our notes. Eliminating the email note is just Evernote's way of throwing a roadblock into your workflow so you have to user their work chat feature, or share out through a channel they control. That way they can spam anyone you sent a note to, and sell ads for Slate magazine based on the content of your notes. In other words their venture capital bankers will be pleased that the user base is growing and EN can boast more unique users or whatever BS metric they can use to pump up their valuation. In the end the software is worse and more unstable than ever and every user on the forums is nearly ready to quit using EN for good. Who hasn't searched this forum for "evernote alternatives?"
  6. No, I won't be changing all my notebook names so that I can search for them faster in the revised search results. ANd I'm not typing special characters either. That is honestly the most counterproductive and labor intensive solution I can imagine to this problem - which is that Evernote has done this wrong. Searching for content within notes, OK that makes sense if EN wants to use a fancy new relevance ranking so they can get a gold star from their VC investors, or whatever they are doing over there in California. Filtering a notebook list should not be relevance ranked, it should be how you type it. But anyway as bad and counterproductive as this problem is, it still doesn't matter much because half the time you try this Evernote crashes...
  7. When typing into the notebook selection window, to move a note, there are two problems. First, it crashes the app or causes a permanent beachball about half the time when you start typing in the window to search for a notebook Second, it brings up the notebooks in the wrong order, something like the AMAZING NEW relevance search order, instead of the order I type in. Why are they sorting by this mysterious relevance instead of just what I type. For example when I type "art" into the notebook search field, it should select the notebook called "art" not the notebook called "parts." It's basic stuff... Has anyone else noticed this?? It's messing up my workflow and driving me nuts with frustration at why EN keeps making changes like this. EN 5.6.0 Mac OS 10.7.5
  8. Guys, I'm willing to accept that in certain situations it may be desirable to scroll text in a presentation. I am not a professional powerpoint user or someone who even makes presentations at all. It's elaborately missing the point to focus on whether it's appropriate to scroll in a presentation. The issue is that you MUST scroll EVERY SLIDE in order to get things centered on the screen. This is the most basic issue I can imagine bringing to EN - it has absolutely zero to do with the appropriateness of the scrolling functionality, it has everything to do with START THE NOTE AT THE TOP OF THE SCREEN. With the huge rollout of this feature, including video tutorials and press releases, unsolicited emails spammed to my email account from EN, I would expect this feature to actually work really well. In fact it's pretty slipshod and does not really respond to any actual need of the users. For my part all I really want to do is show a damn slideshow of evernotes, and I can't do it because every note is 1/2 cut off at the bottom, and the top 1/3 of the screen is blank, which would make me look like a total jerk if I tried to show it to anyone in any work situation. Full stop.
  9. No - you don't completely understand. Presentation mode is set up to change "slides" or notes by using left/right arrows. The slides are the notes. The notes are the slides. No one is making a presentation in one long note and scrolling down. To do this is an extremely bad way to make a presentation as it's quite hard to follow scrolling text visually if you're not scrolling it yourself. Presentations should not require scrolling, period, unless the note actually goes off the screen due to its length. Such a note would be a poor choice to include in a presentation, but EN should allow vertical scrolling in that case. Presentation mode claims to give the abiltiy to "full-screen" your notes, but the fact that the note title and the spacing around it uses up 1/3 of the screen means you always have to scroll to get the note content centered on the screen. There is tons of space wasted at the top of the screen. The most common type of presentation slide, with a title and one image in it still requires you to scroll down in order to display the full slide. If you were actually making a presentation doing this it would look extremely unprofessional, as you are forced to scroll down on EVERY slide to make the image visible. So, no - unusable is not hyperbolic as in every case that presentation mode could be useful, this layout problem is a deal breaker. As a slideshow of images, every image is cut off the bottom of the screen and you need to scroll each one up every time you change slides. As a presentation tool you have to scroll every slide up in order for others to read the actual content of the note.
  10. Yes - this is absolutely critical for using presentation mode on an actual notebook screen. The note title text is gigantic and doesn't even start until 1/3 the way down the screen! Presentation mode is totally unusable because you have to scroll down on EVERY note just so you can see the note content centered in the screen!!!
  11. What is the status of this bug? In all my notes captured from the iphone camera the images are scaled to the window in width only - not height - making the image seem stretched vertically. The thumbnail has the correct proportions. Mac OS 10.7.5 EN Version 5.5 Beta 2 (402334)
  12. I want to see bigger images but when I make the thumbnails bigger, only a few will fit in the window (even though there is enough white space for more). This makes it really difficult to look through a notebook when only 3 thumbnails fit in the window at a time. In the thumbnail view there is no way to adjust the text size or spacing of the thumbnails. It's possible to choose the text size for the list view and source pane, why not for the thumbnail view and snippet view?? It would be great to be able to control the thumbnail spacing (like in Finder), so that more thumbnails fit in the window. Additionally, if it was possible to select which fields appear below the thumbnails, space could be conserved by eliminating unwanted information in the view.
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