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  1. Yes, I have legacy on. But it's also empty. Desperate. Have paid for a month of premium. Let's see if their customer support is any better than the product they offer...
  2. "Member Since - October 1st, 2019". So I am logged into my original/oldest account:/
  3. Appreciating the options offered @gazumped. By "Try the 'lost password' process on the website to verify" do you mean Help and Learning articles? If so, I have tried everything to verify that correct account is used. Since my email address has not changed, I doubt this is the issue in my case. Password was changed, but that was on the same email address. Will try reinstalling everything. But honestly - I have little hope and am close to giving up. Since Web version is also empty, I do not see how there can be app version issue on my MAC or iPhone. If Evernote cares about their service and customers, they should take responsibility for such unacceptable bugs. I see little of that so far and refuse to give them any money until they prove the product is worth it. Excuse my ranting...
  4. Thank you for this @DTLow. I thought this through several times and still cannot imagine how a second account could be created accidentally in my case. My email remains the same, which is also my userid. Yes, a month or so ago I did install iOS app in addition to MAC version, which I've been using for a while - all notes were in sync at that point. I successfully updated them from iPhone. But it was automatic MAC app update that logged me out unexpectedly. So the next time I logged in there were notes to be found. The password worked just fine at login. What details/steps am I missing here? If, hypothetically, there are now two accounts with the same email address. How on earth am I supposed to access the separately?
  5. Hey folks, how does one get a response here? I posted a question over a week ago (see right above). Not sure if anyone looked at it. All my notes are missing from both Legacy and New versions of the app on MAC/iOS. Nothing inside Web version either... Please help me escalate/prioritize this one.
  6. Hey Evernote team! Same issue here - all notes gone after update. Using a MAC and iPhone. Update on my below issue: I manage to log into Legacy, but it's content is the same as the updated version - they are both empty. Please help recover my notes asap. *** I've downloaded and installed legacy for MAC, but it doesn't open. I mean, the icon in bottom tray shows as if it was open. But there are no screens to display. When I try opening it again, an error says Evernote Legacy is not responding. Tried deleting, downloading again and reinstalling - same issue. I need my notes back urgently. Please help! I'm in the middle of mortgage application process - all my notes were on evernote. I am completely lost and very disappointed:(
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