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  1. I'm an Evernote for macOS user since 2009 and I've never even logged into the forums before but I just updated to v10 and I'm in such disbelief about some of the workflow and interface changes that I figured I must be missing something. Please bring back the ability to set some app preferences! I also make a lot of check lists and I'm shocked to see how many clicks it takes to create a list, indent items and set dividers. I have to toggle between 3 different dropdown menus to do the above with no obvious keyboard shortcuts and I also don't see an obvious way to add the checkbox button back to the toolbar? I'm still digging around but I just wanted to share my initial impressions, as a long-time subscriber, about the poor impression I'm getting of this upgrade, for whatever that's worth – It's not just that people dislike change, it's that these changes are disruptive. Hopefully v10 improves quickly and gains back much of what was stripped away. In the meantime I'm hoping I am able to downgrade, which is something I have never needed to do once in the past 10 years. The hits just keep on coming in 2020, I guess...
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