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  1. Same here, I can't understand why there is absolutely NO feedback from Evernote about that.
  2. Yep that is the worst customer service... We want to know if you are working on this. It's okay if you need time, but we want to know that it's in the making and maybe what is the actual issue you identified.
  3. Thanks a lot @LaFlammefor sharing your experiences, that let us hope! I was struggeling to somehow make the Windows client work with Wine or something the last days, but did not want to trash my machine with all that. Now that I know there is something already there I stop that and just keep waiting again... @Nickit would be very appreciated to also get an invite! I can advertise myself as a full stack developer, so maybe that is a good reason to have a beta tester who knows how to analyse and give good feedback But I think that a lot Linux users are at least technical advanced, so maybe I don't stand that much out in this community (too bad for me, very good for you!) Anyway let us know, we would all be glad to help! And to get some sexy software soon 😁
  4. So did I get it right, you have the official Evernote Linux beta client? Sexy! Tell us, how is it? Share your bless with us, so we can keep up our mood down here in the waiting hall 😁
  5. Hey @jameslmoser Funny I tried exactly this with wine 6 yesterday, but it did not work.... Did you use bare wine, or anything like PlayOnLinux or anything esle? would be great if you could share the details
  6. +1 for me... Dear developers of Evernote, would be great if you could just tell the community the state of this. Being completely blind is way more annoying than knowing that it might be still a long way, but that you are working on it. Please considering to communicate more transparent on that.
  7. Hello guys, is there any list of available keyboard shortcuts for the web client version (the new one)? Things like `Ctrl + B` to make the text bold are obvious and work, but are there also ones for instance to quick copy the internal Evernote link to the clippboard in order to cross reference quickly? To have to do the few clicks thru the menu is cumbersome and slows down... Thanks in advance!
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