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  1. Just finished downloading the legacy version and it is a relief to be back. The new version is unacceptable, and makes me reconsider whether I want to stick with Evernote. From my experience and those above, feels like a Beta version at best that was rushed out. Not close to ready for prime time. The issues below need to be fixed by the time I'm forced off of the legacy version, or I will take my business elsewhere. Issues: 1) Most inexcusable is the deteriorated search functionality. Fast, effective search is the key reason I chose Evernote over competitors. Multiple expert reviews cite superior search as the key Evernote differentiator vs the competition. The new version is horrible. For you to hurt your product's main differentiator is careless at best. Known folders do not show up in my search after repeat testing, and it is cluttered with results from specific notes, making it harder to get to the folders I want to jump to quickly. The old way where folders are prioritized in the search drop-down is preferred for me, and I'm sure countless others, who use search as a quick way to jump to different folders without using the mouse. Using the pane to the right where notes are listed (with multiple hyperlinks available at the top to quickly refine the search) is vastly superior to the new approach where this refinement functionality is completely lost. There are often too many specific notes in the results for adding them in the main search drop-down to be of value, so sticking with the old approach where they're only shown in the pane on the right is preferred. Please bring back these features of the old search in the next upgrade. 2) The slow speed and cludgy feel of the new software is a dealbreaker. A key reason I picked EN over OneNote is the ability to moved at hyperspeed in the Windows version with shortcuts and other tools. The new version kills that and eliminates this competitive advantage. If real-time sync is the cause, add a way to disable in future versions. I'd gladly give up real-time sync for better speed, as I imagine most would. At least give us the option. 3) Side list view has too much space between rows. One reason I chose EN over OneNote was the ability to see many notes stacked on top of one another easily. The update eliminates this advantage. 4) Note title no longer autopopulates with text in the body when no note title is added. This feature was a nice time-saver for me with many note types and should be brought back. 5) I also noticed the app on my iphone was changed for the worse with the latest upgrade. Needing to open the app to sync files makes no sense, and it takes way too long for notes to sync once the app is opened. In general, the speed on the app is also significantly deteriorated vs the old version. The webclipper is also less intuitive than the older version, with multiple taps needed for steps that took one tap before.
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