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  1. They've blocked a word involving excrement 🙂 Hilarious. I'm sure you know what I mean. Thanks.
  2. Hi - I'm currently using Evernote Legacy. I'm actually a simple user - I want a place to store notes that is reliable and that I can trust. So, I guess my question is, is the new version of Evernote 10 ever going to get fixed or shall I jump to Bear? I have actually jumped to Bear on my "work" Evernote and that's been OK but my personal Evernote has many more notes and I'm going to have to do a lot of tagging to make the jump. So, I might "forgive" Evernote if they could deliver basic functionality in a reliable way. So, I guess I am asking, is Evernote 10 becoming "less *****" as they release more versions?
  3. Well, 90% sure I am going to finally get rid of Evernote - been thinking about doing that for about 4 years. Too buggy. Too many weird things going on. Too much ***** I don't care about (like the stupid context feature). And, can't do a "shift return" to just make a space in a bulleted list. Today was final straw. New notes basically would not create (AT ALL). I would make a note, put in a title and start writing and THEN BANG the title would disappear... 90% sure I am off to Bear. Anyway. Amazing how a company with masses of users and money can't actually do the very basics correctly. That's all I ever wanted. A place to "whack stuff" that sync'd to my iPad. Dumping Evernote will lose me access on my PC but I hardly use it so no real loss. Anyway, I have now moved my work notes over, I will then run on Bear for a week and see how it goes before moving my 1300 personal notes.
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