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  1. NVM. Found the solution.... As in previous versions of EN, you CAN not directly change the title of an imported Penultimate note. In the latest version (see original post above), you now change it by performing the following actions: - Click the three dots (...) next to the Share button on the top right of the EN Mac client - Select "Note Info" menu item - Update the "Title" field of the "Note info" dialog box that appears - Click "Save" and the title is updated This is 3 steps too many compared to the old method. Can this be reverted back to the previous method?
  2. Software Versions: System OS: MacOS 11.0.1 (Big Sur) EverNote: v10.4.4 build 458493 public Penultimate: 64-bit -- Hi All Been a happy EN since 2008 and everything has been working fine through multiple Mac, iPad and OS updates. I went paperless and switched to note taking on my iPad. Penultimate gives new notes a generic title (i.e. "Written MM/DD/YY, HH:MM") and I usually go in to EN and change the title to something searchable and add tags. This process has been working fine for years and I've had minimal complaints -- nothing that I couldn't workarou
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