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  1. I have my Google account connected to EN. I want to change my password, but when I try to do so, EN requests me to log in through my Google account, and doing so causes a message to pop up that says sth among the lines of "internal error, please try again later" (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZVfckrByPWJzptmt6rfBgbLwiCIBFQM0/view?usp=drivesdk). It also happens when I try to log in to my EN account through my Google account. What can I do to fix this error?
  2. Edit: Question answered. I've made some tables containing EN's shortcuts to memorize them, and I came across several shortcuts that don't work. EN doesn't let you change most of its shortcuts, plus I couldn't find much info about these non-functional ones online, so I figured that perhaps r/Evernote might be able to help me out. Btw, I'm on Win 8.1. and I'm not using EN legacy. The non-functional shortcuts are below. I've gathered them from EN's article on its shortcuts. Function Shortcut Full screen F11 Minimize Ctrl+M Show All Notes list Ctrl+Alt+1 Show Notebook list Ctrl+Alt+2 Show Tags list Ctrl+Alt+3 Jump to shortcuts 1-9 Ctrl+1-9 Set focus to note list Ctrl+Alt+\ Move back Ctrl+[ Move forward Ctrl+] Switch to another user Ctrl+Alt+A Show navigation menu F10 Hide Evernote Ctrl+H Quit Evernote Ctrl+Q Search Notes F6 Reset Search Ctrl+Shift+A Check Spelling F7 Search Saved Searches Alt+F3 Set focus in the note editor of the selected note Enter
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