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  1. yes, first thoughts on seeing the new version was total disappointment from all that missing features. Evernote team could at least give us a migration guide to explain when it is a time to upgrade. Simple list of missing in progress features would work, so I would wait for a few months and migrate without feeling bad about the product. Thanks for the link to restore an old version, this might work for now.
  2. I've simply registered on this forum to support this thread. Hiding note panel is essential for working with several notes and the notes list. Also agree with Hopeful Theologian on I use evernote for a few years with paid subscription but installing this new version made me feel bad about using evernote at all. I would expect evernote team to work better in managing customers expectations.
  3. Totally agree, this behaviour is odd. It must be hard to compete against old version of desktop evernote which was just right.
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