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  1. Second that, I need to switch between notes often, so I'd like to keep the list in view. And no shortcuts is also unproductive.
  2. I often use many checkboxes in one line, can't see how to do that now. And no checkbox without indentation. Why???
  3. I've been using evernote for almost ten years now. This one is just awful, nothing seems to work anymore. - How can I do a complete backup / export, when I can only select 50 notes at a time? - How do I create checkboxes without making them into an indented list? What's the shortcut? I often use many checkboxes in one line of text, so a simple on/of switch for one checkbox for each line is just not helpful. - How do I insert a horizontal dividing line? - How do I create and follow internal links in one click? I don't need a choice between internal and web links each time, I'll never want to create a web link. I also don't need to see the full length internal link, and rarely need the options, so why do I need 2 clicks now instead of one for everything concerning internal links? - How do I sort stacks among the notebooks? - Why is it so unresponsive? Hint: if the answer to most of these questions is 'not possible anymore', then this update was idiotic.
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