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  1. Dear @EverNote , what do you propose to which tool shall I migrate? Joplin is not able to handle multiple windows with notes properly, ... And I still wait for a commitment how long the Legacy version can be used at least, Kind regards, Dr. Rainer Winkler
  2. When Evernote makes a clear commitment with dates, many users will able to live with this. And dates can be shifted into the future when needed. But now they give no clear timeline. So there is a high motivation for competitors to develop and provide solutions which are an alternative to the Legacy version. All what is needed are two dates: 1. A date where the current situation is evaluated and timelines may be adjusted. 2. A minimum date for End of Live for the Legacy version. cc @Ian Small
  3. I agree with your scenarios. It is what Evernote expects us to do. But I say also; we as customers, deserve better communication.
  4. The statement by Ian Small gave no timelines, to commit himself how long the Legacy Version can be used at least. For someone who has to plan switching his notes to a different platform, I would not call it a good letter. It was an imprecise letter.
  5. This also my impression. So probably a self made solution will be needed. Or it is required to wait for some other project or company to finish. I think, it is only fair when Evernote gives us a timeframe, so that we can plan the development properly. I do not understand, why Evernote does not want to earn money in the new market they created. It would be quite easy, as the a working prototype is already existing (The Evernote Legacy version).
  6. Thanks to all for replying! In my understanding it is common practice to give business partners a concrete timeline, when functions are to be discontinued. Partners need this to plan their own IT projects which are needed to replace the lost function. It is, for example not cost efficient for us, to search for a replacement within 6 months, when Evernote already decided to keep the Legacy version for a year, but did not communicate this. The CEO, Ian Small should explain why Evernote has decided not to do this in case of the Legacy version. I already send him a letter and tried to co
  7. In the help it is written for the Legacy version (https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314): "For the near future, you may continue to use this version of Evernote for regular, everyday use." How long is near future at least? Can I be sure to use it at least until 31 December 2020? Or Until 30 June 2021? Or even until 31 December 2021. Or is 12 December 2020 the near future? I understand that Evernote wants to be able to plan flexible. But we as customers have also to plan. Many of us use Evernote during daily work and cannot use the new version a
  8. I have the same problem. I already cancelled my premium account and will go to an alternative solution where local storage is possible. Evernote apparently did not understand that there are notes, where it is not allowed to store them in a cloud system at all. Trying to convince users of their security does not help in this cases. Because other people do not allow the storage in the cloud. As Evernote removed also the offline storage, I fear that they are not able to bring local notes back with reasonable costs.
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