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  1. P.S. @agsteele. I tried to login at evernote.com/contact, but when I do, it takes me to my Evernote instance. When I go back to the contact page, it doesn't show that I've logged in. I can't figure out how to chat with Evernote. It shouldn't be this hard for Premium payers to get help from Evernote. I'm so grateful for your support and guidance. ~Jen
  2. Thanks @agsteele. I appreciate this information and knowing that something changed on the Evernote side yesterday. I've emailed Postach.io and tweeted to Postach.io and Evernote. I'll try to reach Evernote, as you've suggested. ~Jen
  3. Everything worked well for four months until yesterday. My Postach.io page no longer syncs with Evernote. So whether I publish a page in Evernote or edit an existing published page, the new page or updated page do not show up in Postach.io. I publish everyday to my blog (https://jenesis.postach.io/), so I'm pretty disappointed. And it seems impossible to find a number to contact Evernote, and the Postach.io folks are so thin on the ground that I don't hold out hope that they will contact me anytime soon. Any suggestions? ~Jen
  4. Thanks @agsteele. That's great to know. I will report back here once I hear back from Postach.io. Jen
  5. I will @gazumped. Unfortunately, Postachi.io is a tiny company and doesn't have the resources the Evernote has, so it may take a while to hear back from them. Do you know the answer to my other question: can I have two instances of Evernote (6 and 10) running on the same computer?
  6. Thanks @agsteele, @gazumped and @Lemayp for helping me with this issue. I am using two separate computers: one with Evernote 6 on it and one with Evernote 10 on it. For the purposes of troubleshooting this issue, I just created the same note, from scratch, in the two instances. The page created with Evernote 6 (https://jenesis.postach.io/post/2020-12-10-test-page-generated-in-evernote-6-jenesis-readers-please-ignore) shows up in Postach.io exactly as it does in Evernote. The page created with Evernote 10 (https://jenesis.postach.io/post/2020-12-10-test-page-generated-in-evernote-10-jenesis-readers-please-ignore) does not; all the line spaces disappear. It is possible that the issue lies with Postach.io and I have sent an email to them. In the meantime, I will, as you suggested @agsteele, continue to use Evernote 6. One question: can I have two instances (Evernote 6 and Evernote 10) running on the same computer? I borrowed my son's Surface and downloaded Evernote 6, and have Evernote 10 on my Surface. Can I add Evernote 6 to my Surface to run in parallel with Evernote 10? Jen
  7. To better answer your questions, I used the default layout from Postach.io. I am not using markdown or HTML. I simply create my post in Evernote with all the formatting and hyperlinks and images I like and then ensure that the note is in my Evernote Postach.io folder (it's how Postach.io knows what notes to publish). Once I tag a note Published in the Evernote Postach.io folder, the post goes live on jenesis.postach.io. It couldn't be simpler. The notes the explain About and Contact are tagged with both Published and Page. It's such a simple, elegant solution. I'm happy to answer any other questions you might have about Evernote + Postach.io. I've discovered a few quirks that I've easily overcome given my experience with Evernote. But the line spacing issue has me stumped.
  8. Hi @gazumped and @Lemayp. I posted the original version of the post on Dec 8 (no line spacing between paragraphs). Then, on Dec 9, I installed the legacy version of Evernote and recreated the post (I had to strip away all formatting then add back in my hyperlinks) and reposted (line spacing between paragraphs). I then deleted the original posting (fortunately the original URL address still worked). So depending on when you followed my link, you may have seen the legacy-generated version of the post. To demonstrate the continued issue, I generated a note in Evernote 10 (Test of line spacing: https://jenesis.postach.io/post/test-of-line-spacing) and published it to my blog (jenesis.postach.io). I experimented with different formatting in Evernote 10 to see whether it would make a difference in how the post looked on Postach.io, but the problem persists. Whether I have one line space or two lines spaces after a paragraph in Evernote, the line spaces all disappear in Postach.io, which makes for a very ugly post. As a paid Evernote subscriber, I don't think that the solution for me is to go back to Evernote 6. Surely this issue can be fixed in Evernote so that my posts in Postach.io look as good generated in Evernote 10 as they did in Evernote 6. There may be other issues created by the switch to Evernote 10, but I haven't seen enough of a pattern to identify them. Postach.io + Evernote has been incredible to this point. I had looked at other blogging platforms but was thrilled when I found Postach.io as a solution. It is incredibly easy to use since I was already using Evernote for my blog (I would email subscribers a link to the Evernote post) before I decided to go public. Postach.io + Evernote is a terrific combination since I can do all my layout in Evernote and, generally speaking, what I see in Evernote is what shows up in Postach.io. If I need to correct an error, I just fixed it in Evernote and sync and it shows up in Postach.io a minute or so later. I could go on and on about Postach.io + Evernote, and would gladly sing the combination's praises. That's why I'm so keen to solve my line spacing issue with Evernote 10. Until then, I'm back to using the legacy version of Evernote. Thanks for your help and the quick response. I greatly appreciate it. Jen
  9. Before upgrading to 10.4.4 today, notes created in Evernote appeared in Postach.io more or less as they did in Evernote. Now, however, all the line spacing in Evernote disappears when I publish a note to Postach.io, making for ugly, difficult-to-read blog posts. To illustrate the problem, here is a post from today (https://jenesis.postach.io/post/2020-12-08-from-the-to-do-list-to-the-to-day-list) vs yesterday (https://jenesis.postach.io/post/2020-12-07-who-sits-at-the-head-of-your-table). Both notes look the same in Evernote, but very different in Postach.io. Can you help me to resolve this issue?
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