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  1. Bom dia Sou assinante do Plus e estou querendo migrar meu plano para Premim. Quando eu entro no site do Evernote e vejo o valor do planos, aparece que o Premium é R$9,00 por mês. Entretanto, quando eu faço login e tento fazer o upgrade, só me aparece a cobrança dizendo que o valor é U$7,99 dolares por mês ou U$69,99 dolares por ano... Hoje eu pago R$44,90 (reais) por ano pelo plano Plus. Estou disposta a pagar R$9,90 (reais) por mês, mas U$7,99 (dolares) dariam cerca de 50 reais por mês!!! Inviável.... Não consigo abrir um ticket para a Evernote com essa dúvida porque o pla
  2. I'm a payed user . Support the app. But I'm feeling betrayed. It seems like Evernote 10 is a beta released very early to its users. I'm trying to find a replacement app to integrate in my daily workflow, but I'm with Evernote since the beginning. And as someone said, change is not easy...
  3. Hi Can't save and share pdfs on Android anymore. I have a Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy Tab 7 and in both devices I can't either open the pdf in another app and then share it and when I try to download the pdf to my device the saved file is always corrupted and don't open in any app. Please Evernote developers fix the problems before implement any more new features!!! I'm a long time user and all my documents to receipts are in Evernote. I need it to work well. It's part of my daily workload. To keep going I had to install latest version 8 to be able to use Evernote. Done it
  4. In the Android app in my Galaxy S21 and in my Galaxy Tab S7 even the " You have to save the pdf to the memory on the Tablet/Phone " don't work. I can't open pdfs in other apps and I can'tsave and share it if I want
  5. I vote for that too. At least for Android (I'm using it on Galaxy S21 and Tab S7) the version 10 is not working very well. I need to be able to opens and share the pdfs that I have in my notes. But it's not possible anymore. The pdfs don't open in other apps and when I download it to my device the fil is always corrupted. Offer the possibility to download the 8 version from Playstore. I had to download a app that I found in the Internet but I don't like to do it for obvious security issues.
  6. Hi. I can't open pdf in other apps too. I can't share a pdf . When I try to download lod it the resulting file saved in my phone is corrupted. Please please fix that! I uninstalled the latest version of Evernote and installed previous version 8 using apk that I found in the Internet. I've been using Evernote since it's beginning but I need to be able to share the pdfs that I store in Evernote. Otherwise it's worthless
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