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  1. Yeah - I would like a marriage where I can combine the accounts. I like your remarks and see it very much the same - also your final words.
  2. Thank you - but you are right - its not what I'm looking for - I want the combined Bookmark, Note Taking and Task Manager Tool. 8)
  3. I think that it is odd to integrate a due date but refuse task management features. This is a wishy washy policy which has no real direction and for me the combination of notes, bookmarks and task management is what I want. Spingpad has it but Springpad is missing the OCR feature - It will be interesting who will make it for me Evernote (where I'm at this moment are a paying user), Springpad (which does a lot right but runs in second around half a point behind for me) or a new third appp...
  4. I would like to integrate my Google Docs into my Evernote Account in a way that Evernote capability of indexes (OCR) all my Google Docs too. Then I could search for everything including my Google Docs in Evernote.
  5. I like Evernote much but do also use Springpad because I need the Task Manager / ToDo Manager functionality with due dates and reminders. Springpads is not perfect because of the lack of OCR. Evernote needs the Task Manager functionality in order to be a valid alternative for me (at least as long as I pay for the account). :shock:
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