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  1. Hi, I raised a support ticket which offered the following: Remove the integration on your account’s Connected Services section here: https://www.evernote.com/ConnectedServices.action. From there, you should be able to set up the Calendar Integration without issue. Sign out your Evernote account, reboot your device, and then sign in again. For me, this resolved the problem Hopefully you will have similar results.
  2. Hi, thank you for the reply, I'll raise a support ticket. I have calendars syncing, just not refreshing updates properly
  3. Hi, on Windows 10 / the evernote homepage screen I have the calendar widget, but it does not reflect the changes I make in the two google calendars I have synced. I have moved, edited and deleted items in google calendar and it looks like nothing it removed from the evernote homepage widget, but instead things are added. How can I force a sync from google to the evernote widget to reflect the most up to date version? thank you
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