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  1. Ah yes, that works for creating a screenshot of paused video, I hadn't explored that, thank you Pink Elephant. Quicker than Safari clipper too.
  2. Hi Jay-Bob, thanks for the prompt reply. I have just tried doing screenshots on several web pages and this is what I have discovered: that the problem is only when taking screenshots of paused video (which is what I was doing yesterday. I am a home educator at the moment so I'm using EN to compile teaching resources). Everything else around the video is captured, but not the video screen itself. I attach an example video. My work around at the moment is to use the mac screen capture (which does work on paused video) and then clip it to EN. As for the PDF problem, my work around is the same, save to the mac then clip to EN. At the risk of going off topic, can you explain why it takes so long to save to EN from the clipper? Is it because it is synching to your servers? I was clipping about 30 pages yesterday and having to wait between each one was a pain. Is there a way to save it just to the computer and then sync later? It would greatly speed up workflow. I couldn't find anything in preferences. All in all, I shall probably stay with EN now as it is so fully featured and does everything I want - I especially like the ability to have tags as well as folders; and the search is very impressive. But I hope you can get the above fixed soon. Best wishes from the UK EN example.mov
  3. I cannot save any screenshots to EN with the clipper using Safari - just a blank screen. Works with Edge though. As mentioned elsewhere, clipper cannot save pdf's either - error message. I wished I had tested EN more thoroughly before buying premium as it is of little use to me if it can't work with Safari. But I am within my 14 days grace, so will cancel soon if this issue cannot be resolved MacOS Catalina 10.15.5, 4.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7, 48GB 2400 MHz DDR4, Radeon pro 580 8GB Safari 13.1.1
  4. It doesn't work on my up to date Sierra and Safari. Endless spinning wheel. Uninstalling, restarting, etc makes no difference. I will try above and report back.
  5. I too have just installed 6.9.2 and Clipper is working again. Fingers crossed!
  6. Same here. Clipper will no longer work in Safari on El Capitan (either Safari technology preview ver 14 or regular Safari ver 10.0). Tried reinstalling extension, restarting etc. Just won't work. But it does work in Firefox on same machine. Evernote have known about this for a while but nothing happens. They have spent too much time trying to extract more money from us and have taken their eye off the ball. Always happens when corporations get too large, the monetising tail starts to wag the dog and old fashioned customer service goes out the window..
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