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  1. How about - highlight text layer of the PDF, save that highlight in the document PDF compliant - option to create a new note from the highlight (very helpful when prparing research papers) - have a box highlighter for non-text - option to create a new note from that highlight (see above) Cheers.
  2. Well there's one way to do it: create an empty note in *.enex and add a bunch of mytag.... That populates the tags. However, there's not way of adding tag-hierarchy - something very relevant to medical thesauri. Also tried hacking the *.exb database using the sqlitebrowser tool; to difficult for me at present, but may work...
  3. Dedicated screenshot tools do this - clearly without the note-taking feature... - e.g.: Greenshot and zscreen
  4. It would be helpful when clipping non-internet resources (i.e. clip screenshot on your desktop) if Evernote could also copy the window's name of what was clipped and place it as the notes name or the url. Here's an example: most researchers have an extensive library of PDF research papers; also most of us have gone through a painstaking process of naming (and even adding metadata to) these PDFs (e.g. "Kreisel_2010_Einsteins relativity theory applied to contemporary politics.pdf"). A lot of these papers have figures or tables that are worthwhile extracting and putting in notes. Open the PDF, clip the figure to Evernote and have the window's name (most PDF viewers put the open file's name up on the window title making it accessible to the system) put into the name or url field of the note. Possible?
  5. @jefito: What a pity - no Mac around! @jbenson2: There's always that one feature missing in your favourite application... It just strikes me that concise editing and adding of tags (including the use of more complex subject-specific dictionaries) - this is not solitary to Evernote (check out the excellent citation manager Zotero, where offline tagging is an equal hassle) - is something that seems underrated. Hope there are more suggestions out there!
  6. Hi there. Haven't found fruitful discussions on the topic, so I'll give it a try. I'd like to assign content (notes, etc.) predefined tags that were initially created as part of a thesaurus of "comprehensive controlled vocabulary for the purpose of indexing journal articles and books in the life sciences" (for those of you part of the biomedical community - its MeSH). The list is clearly a bit ambitious as it contains over 25000 entries, but there are versions with a lot less (say hundreds of headings, i.e. potential tags). To guarantee consistency and make sure the tags are there when I need them in Evernote, I'd like to import the list on the fly (e.g. out of a text file) and have evernote extract the terms as tags. So's there a way to do just that? Cheers Stefan
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