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  1. Hi. It’s so frustrating. The thing that worked for me was to delete and reinstall the app. I’ve been good ever since.
  2. Even though I was on the most recent app version, I seemed to have fixed the problem by deleting the app and reinstalling. It’s been over 5 hours and my updates are still there. Also someone at Evernote reached out and said they’re on the problem.
  3. Thank you Stewart! I was working on the latest version but yet deleting the app and reinstalling seems to have fixed it. I’m waiting until tomorrow to make sure it doesn’t revert but it’s been over 5 hours and updates still there so I think I’m good! Also someone from Evernote reached out to help. Thank you for your help when there was no where else to turn!!!!!
  4. My notes keep reverting to the version on Dec 5. The worst part is I didn’t realize and kept adding data all weekend which was lost. It show it as updated for a period and then suddenly disappears. The app simply isn’t working and caused a big problem for me and there’s no help. It’s time consuming to migrate my data elsewhere but the app is completely useless. And no help in sight!!!!!
  5. Just to add in case anyone at Evernote reads this. For me it shows the update as of the current time for awhile (maybe an hour or so) and then I open the app again and it shows the last update as Sat with no record or trace of all the later changes. Help!!!!
  6. Me too! This has taken up my whole day. I didn’t realize and lost track of so many things over the last few days (I don’t even know the extent) and no one is home at Evernote to help!!!!!!! I never go on these boards but there was no where else to turn.
  7. Me too. This is so bad. I’ve lost so much and I didn’t even realize. Any advice from anyone???? Since this is tech support apparently 😡
  8. My notes keep going back to the Sat draft. It shows the current revision and and the new revised date and then later suddenly shows last update as Sat. I’ve lost so much info as I put things on my to do list and they disappear.
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