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  1. I also do have this issue since some time, I guess since the last update. It is tremendously annoying. My favorite notes with some to dos do spinn for approx 30s. Anyone has any idea for how long we do have to leave with this amazing bug? I would like to emphasize that Evernote on my Mac is NOT showing this behavior.
  2. I'm also facing this constraint. Working on many PDF's for my dissertation and marking them externally in Apple Preview, then I would like to back it up in evernote, but each time my data allowance gets smaller and smaller! Why can we not pay for a higher allowance? Can't you guys just buy a share in a new data center? We would all be more than happy to pay for additional allowance! Please make the best productivity app even better!
  3. I'm using Version 2.1.1 (146398) When clipping a pdf file out of safari, the note appears in my general notebook, say "general". then i change it to a different one, say "test1". Now when I am going to my "test1", on the left the correct number of notes in the notebook is shown in the brackets. Unfortunately, in the list view this does not happen. The list view still shows a number of notes (n-1) and therefore behaves like nothing has been added. I checked and rechecked this. The note appears in the category "all notebooks" but it does not in the "test1". I restarted the pc and restarted the application. What is strange, is that online on evernote.com the note appears also in "test1". This must be a serious bug!
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