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  1. Gary, I just updated to 10.4.4 and a feature that I use ALL THE TIME isn't working. I use "Capture Selection" all the time from the quick menu at the top of my Mac OS 10.14.6 screen to capture a portion of my screen to save as a note. This isn't "web clipper" or associated with a web browser of any kind. It's simply being able to select "Capture Selection" and draw a box around what I want to save or share. There are three icons: "Capture Screen" (which works - but I never want to capture my entire screen) "Capture Window" (which doesn't work) and "Capture Selection" (which doesn't work either). PLEASE HAVE THE TEAM FIX THESE BUTTONS. I use "Capture Selection" everyday and now it doesn't work. I'm sad. 

    Screen Capture.pdf

    1. Corrie W

      Corrie W

      I also use these capture buttons frequently, and though they "work", they're unusable because the capture window remains on the screen, obscuring whatever I'm trying to capture. My Mac is running Big Sur 11.0.1. 


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