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  1. Well I believe, I'm giving you ideas to build a better Evernote for Android... or mobile devices. Sorry if this did bother you.
  2. Evernote is getting better, but still needs a photo scanner like CamScanner (Android) or Jotnot or Qipit to make it better. Photos orientation can be viewed left or right, but they are not saved with the correct orientation. Another missing issue is taks, there is not a task reminder. Like Noteeverything. Good job.
  3. This version is great. Skitch needs more features, but is a great step. I can't create or edit tables in my Android. Tables created in Evernote PC. Editing is very difficult. Regards
  4. I'm having trouble with synchronization. Skitch is great, it needs more improvments like Notes Plus (iPad) or Tabnotes (Android) for handnotes. And a combination with Camscanner for document photo scanning. Good Job!
  5. Please add the option to rotate crop pictures in the Android app and handwrite inking.
  6. Evernote is getting better, but still lacks of inking and tab. Good job.
  7. I found that it is not possible to Edit inside a table created in Desktop version.
  8. Try the combination of FreeNote and Evernote v3.1. FreeNote is great for hand notes on Honeycom.
  9. We need also paint and handnotes for Android. And a photo scanner to get crispy clear photos of documents like jotnot or scanr. Great product.
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