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  1. Isn't it sad that the best advice seems to be: downgrade, if you can, to the previous version of Evernote...
  2. Since Evernote (up?)graded to the new look, feel and (dis)functionality, I cannot seem to mimize the right hand side of the overview screen. I can minimize the left hand column (with a.o. list of notebooks) by dragging the separator to the left. But I cannot do the same with the separator between the mid column (with list of notes) and the right-hand column (with the content of selected note). That right hand column cannot be smaller than, approx, one 3rd of the window breadth... I prefer to have more overview of the notes over the content of one note. Is is possible to change the layout of the screen...? Thanks for your help!
  3. Since Evernote (up?)graded to the new look, feel and (dis)functionality, when I start Evernote, it (eventually) opens in a window that covers most of, but not all of my screen. Is there a way to tell it to start in full-screen mode? Thanks for your help!
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