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  1. I will without a doubt leave Evernote after many years of premium account if this policy is implemented indeed. That is totally outrageous. If you want to verify accuracy, then ask volunteers instead. Also, why don't you spend time and energy in bettering your existing offerings or by innovating on new features (Like making your IOS less buggy not giving up on Skitch, bettering penultimate app for hand notes and text recognition, better integrations, like with Alexa lists for example, etc.) OneNote is quite a good contender, so the switch won't be so difficult.
  2. The new snippet view is horrible. It takes tons of rooms for nothing, displays bits of information in line, which doesn't make it that useful really and also displays information for all your notes for all to see. I keep sensitive bits of business information which don't require NSA encrypting, but that are not for all eyes either. Please allow at least to have the old view back as an option and don't impose a snippet view because a few liked it. Thank you!
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