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  1. My main issue is that it clips multiple times (up to 20 for certain articles!) and now it's the 10th of the month and I have already hit 50% of my quota (normally that doesn't happen until the 25th or so).
  2. Unless I am missing something, if I log into evernote.com, I get redirected to /home.action and there are no links to the forums / support. I have to log out to see the footers with the links.
  3. When you try to login to the web or webcliper, you are presented with a single box to enter your email address, then you click, then you are shown a second box for the password, then you have to click again. It seems pretty pointless, the interface is just wasting our time. Do your UX people really think that users feel challenged by having to deal with two boxes at a given time? Please show us a single form with two input boxes so that we can login with one click, thanks.
  4. Very often (say 60% of the time) the note content is not visible if I double click on them to open them in their own window. The title is there but the window is simply blank. I can't put my mouse cursor into it. Sometimes (but much less frequently) that also happen when in the main app preview panel. I see no pattern to it, and no obvious workarounds. Sometimes closing and reopening the note works; sometimes not.
  5. All the popup does is remind me of how intrusive Evernote is - watching the traffic on my browser, and doing god knows what with that information. I want WebClipper to do NOTHING at all until I click on the button. I am paying for the product, this is not Facebook or Google where I give up information about my browsing habits and get free services in exchange.
  6. Hi. Evernote 6.10beta2 on El Capitan I have tried to get rid of the global shortcuts and removed them all. Now when Evernote is running, whenever I type an "a" in ANY app, I am taken to Evernote into a note with the content of the clipboard as text. I DON'T WANT GLOBAL SHORTCUTS. I am getting pretty annoyed with Evernote's intrusiveness - app launches at startup whether I like it or not, keys in other apps are hijacked, the webclipper injects all sort of JS in any wepage I visit.... can you just do your note clipping and leave my other stuff alone??!!?
  7. Gosh you guys never use the arrow keys to navigate up and down a pulldown menu??? I guess I'm a "power user" then. Try it, though, it saves a lot of time. I can assure you on Google Chrome on OS X for a long time it worked like that.
  8. Only if your cursor is on the main document. When typing a tag name and the pulldown with the tag name suggestions appears, it was possibile to move up and down using the arrow keys. But not anymore
  9. When I start typing a tag in the 'add tag' box at the bottom of the clipper, a dropdown list with suggestions appears (well, depending on what I typed). I used to be able to go up and down the list with the arrow keys, and select a tag in the list by pressing return. Now this functionality has been removed - I HAVE to use the mouse to select, and I have to click in the tiny dropdown scrollbar to go up and down the list. I was very happy with the way it worked before, it's much faster to keep my hands on the keyboard than to constantly move from keyboard to mouse and back. Please restore this functionality. Thanks
  10. This is a general problem with Evernote, but I'm forced to put it under a specific OS. Search is getting better but still not quite there. You can now put strings in quotation marks to match them as a unit - "new york" will not match "new" or "york" in isolation. That's great. But if you search for other strings, say "for of" or "while in", then it reverts to the old behaviour - it returns matches for "for" and "of" in isolation, making the search useless since pretty much every note will have those words. I am guessing the search has a list of "stop words" it ignores - that's all well and good, but if I go to the trouble of putting them in quotation marks, it means they are important to me and shouldn't be ignored. The same holds for punctuation - if I put it in quotation marks, it is important and shouldn't be ignored. Thanks.
  11. Another one: 4. Please do not ignore punctuation if enclosed in double quotation strings. currently there is no way to find, for example howler.js in notes. The dot will be replaced by a space, and the search will look for two separate words, "howler" and "js". Wrapping it in double quotation marks doesn't help, "howler.js" still treats it like two separate words.
  12. Hi. I find search functionality a bit clunky, and in some cases unusable. Apologies if this has been discussed before. Please add sourceurl to the search options. It's tedious having to type "sourceUrl:" before every url term. Please allow wildcards everywhere in the search term, not just the end. Particularly annoying in URL, so that I have to type, say, sourceUrl:http://discussion.evernote.com* sourceUrl:http://www.evernote.com* etc instead of just sourceUrl:*evernote* Please add http:// by default to all sourceurl: terms that have no protocol. The vast majority of sourceUrls are going to be http:// links, please don't make us type it out every time.Thanks in advance
  13. @Jackalicious, could you guys at least put a warning when someone tries to merge notes, saying "merging those notest will result in a note too large too sync, do you want to continue?" at least I can continue merging smaller notes without fear of them becoming unsyncable and hence dead Thanks
  14. That's fair enough, and you are right, I am not a fan of your CRM - as a customer I am not interested in your internal division between support / dev teams, all I know is that I have an issue, I sent a support request, and now the support request is closed and I have no idea what's the status of my issue, when / if my issue will be dealt with. Anyway, no point carrying on this conversation, you obviously are not going to change your system.
  15. Another "Evernote Evangelist" As you obviously don't know for sure, why don't you let Evernote employees answer the question themselves?
  16. "Sometimes, closing a ticket does not mean the problem is solved. "nonsense. we were in the middle of a conversation, and I was waiting for them to say "yes, we are increasing the limit", or "no, we are stubborn and won't provide you with your promised 50 MB"either way, the problem CAN be solved. "If you want to get technical, "the fact that you split the 50MB into 5MB text content and 45MB attachment data wasn't stated in the small print" but it also wasn't stated that it wasn't." oh great, a wanna be comedian. don't give up the day job.
  17. I disagree strongly. That puts the onus on the customer to keep the ticket open. It should be the other way. It is called "support" for a reason. In this particular case, I was awaiting for action on Evernote's part. I have better things to do that keep asking for progress, whereas for them , it is their job, and I am paying for the service after all. At the very least the system should send a mail saying "we will close the ticket in 1/2 days unless we get a reply" Even better, the system should know who's supposed to do the next step, and if it's Evernote it shouldn't attempt to close the ticket at all. If anything, it should send an email to the developers asking them "are you working on this ticket?"
  18. I had an ongoing ticket (16051-261167) opened in February. The last email I received said "the developers are discussing it". Now the ticket was automatically closed - the message said "It has been 2 weeks since our last interaction. We are closing out this ticket" Please don't do that. It is very poor service. For a start, there were the Easter holidays in between. But most importantly, you should have a human reviewing tickets before closing them. In this case I was awaiting for action on YOUR part. I now have to go through the trouble of filing another ticket (the third!!!) and wasting more time for an issue that has been ongoing since Feb. The whole point of using Evernote is to increase productivity, not waste people's time. Thank you An Angry Premium Customer
  19. Great. I had a support ticket about this (16051-261167) and now the system closed it automatically. Still nobody solved the problem. All I know is that I paid to for the premium service, it promised me 50MB notes, and since the 26th of Feb I can't sync Evernote anymore if I have this 10MB note in it. I don't care why - the fact that you split the 50MB into 5MB text content and 45MB attachment data wasn't stated in the small print, and it is not my problem. Plus, it's a daft idea. If that's your idea of "premium" service I may as well go and look at some of your competitors.
  20. That won't work for two reasons - first I need to import the note in to be able to reformat it. The issue is that I can't. Second - I want to keep the formatting. A lof o my clips are programming articles, and without formatting the code examples are hard to follow. I am getting a bit frustrated with what looks like stubbornness on your part. You made an arbitrary decision to limit text of a note to 5MB based on the assumption people would only try and clip ASCII text. Now the assumption is proving to be wrong. Is it really that hard to revisit your limit and increase the limit to 20 MB? If you think this is only an edge case, then no harm will be done, I'll be the only person using the limit to the full.
  21. @Jackolicious, I don't know what url is attached to the note, but if you notice this is an article in 10 parts, what I have done is to clip each of the 10 pages separately then merged them using Evernote's Merge Notes functionality. This is what brings it over the 5 MB limits. It probably only keeps the one url in the source field, but it is, in fact, 10. The same thing happened in the original note that made me open the issue, that time it was only 5 blog posts and I merged them by manually copying and pasting the code from the web browser to the bottom of the note window. Redoing the same thing using Evernote's Merge Notes functionality solved the problem, I must have been quite near the limit somehow. I think the issue is clear - something somewhere inlines the CSS for each HTML element, bloating the text. That's probably OS X, as the same thing happens when I copy text from a web page into a mail program or Word etc. So either you find a way to stop that, or increase the limit for text content. The former is probably very complicated (I can't think of another way of mixing fragments from various web pages without losing their formatting to be honest) The limit is an arbitrary number chosen on the assumption people would only need to clip the ASCII version of the St James Bible, without inline CSS. So perhaps you should just increase the limit to 20 MB or something? Or perhaps with a little more work, work out whether a note is plain text or HTML and have different limits accordingly? Just a thought. Thanks
  22. Besides, even if I created that bloated note myself - surely Evernote should be able to deal with it. Can I not import a 20MB PDF or a 30MB sound file? (I ask as I have never tried). If so, why the arbitrary 5MB limit on text?
  23. Whatever generated that code is the Chrome Web Clipper, running on the the OS X Mountain Lion version of Chrome 25. Note that all the inline CSS in your pic is not in the original site, so at some stage either OS X, or Chrome, or the Web Clipper decide to add it in. Given that I am using the latest version of standard tools, I think your users may run into that case at some stage.
  24. As I said, an unsolved ticket was closed without me receiving any feedback. It was my first ticket, so I had nothing to compare it to. It could have been two things - a glitch in the system, or the system itself is not very slick. I assumed the latter because I have already received automated emails in the past so I thought it couldn't be a glitch. I even checked my spam folder. Turned out it may have been a glitch in the system instead. I was wrong, but it wasn't an unreasonable assumption on my part. As for not turning on all the available options of an Enterprise Level CRM Tool - you may feel the reasons are good and valid, but for me, as a user, I'd rather have all those options on. That's just my opinion, I may be the only one holding them, all I can do is to send you feedback as a user and leave it to you guys. Anyway, that's that, I don't want to waste any more of your time discussing this, thanks for your getting back to me and explaining how you came to that decision.
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