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  1. Please include the previous Segoe UI size 10 font that was the default font in the version I used, and have all my notes written in, as a font in the new version 10 which instead uses a different much larger font as the default so none of my previous notes were any longer correctly formatted for the new larger size typeface. Why reduce the available fonts down to only four, and not include the previous default font as one of them?
  2. Installed the new version after getting the update notification at the weekend. Thank goodness there is a Legacy version download and it works. Hurray. Who on earth thought it would be a good idea to change the default typeface in the new version. I have three years of daily journal pages which are all carefully built up of text boxes, pasted in charts and a typeface size so that they fit my computer screen for how I have my Evernote view panels arranged. And then I open up the new version 10 (Windows PC), and the typeface has changed from the Segoe UI size 10, to the much larger Sans Ser
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