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  1. I've gone back and forth with support regarding the audio recording feature missing from the new Evernote version and they have NOT commit to that feature EVER being added back to the app! It is up to us to demand it, so keep the comments coming! As for downgrading to a previous version, I see someone already posted the link, but good luck getting it to work once you've installed the new version. I cannot. It simply opens into the main interface screen and hangs (freezes). Evernote, next time you may want to poll your customers to find out whether or not removing a feature is a good or bad idea. For that matter, I would think you'd have internal analytics telling you how many users are engaged with which features. If more than even 5% of your users are using a feature that should tell you it is NOT a good idea to simply remove it. You're saying to your customer that you simply don't care about their needs.
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