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  1. I'm really quite upset right now. After opening Evernote desktop this morning, my ability to access my existing Tasks has been removed in spite of what was advised in the email from Evernote on early access to Tasks. My existing Premium plan has not been transitioned to Personal and I'm being prompted to pay. I was going to try the suggested solution to sign out of the desktop app, but was presented with this screen before signing out and don't know what the ramifications are should I choose to exit and remove the data from my device. And given the limited amount of space on my hard drive, I don't know if I have enough room for the backup! So I cancelled signing out and am awaiting your advice.
  2. Thanks for your reply. This is another make-or-break feature for me. It's not an efficient use of my time to spend it resorting notebooks.
  3. Is it possible to sort one Notebook by Title and another by "Date Created" and retain that setting? This was possible in the earlier versions of Evernote prior to v10. Thanks Win10Pro v2004
  4. Same issue for me in Firefox 88 on Win10Pro, 64-bit/PC since 2 days ago. I couldn't even log into the Evernote website directly. This is the message I received (see attached image) and it's the same error message I get when trying to initiate the Evernote web clipper extension in FF. In the end, I finally managed to "log in" to the web clipper and website via the desktop app's "go to Account page" link. Hope this info helps someone.
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