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  1. I installed 10.22.3 today and all of a sudden most of my files (.doc, .txt, .xls, .csv, .pdf, etc) have been replaced by the Evernote Elephant Icon. What's worse, when I double-click any of these files, Evernote tries to open them. I'm running Windows 7 Pro, 6.1.7601 SP 1 build 7601. I have refreshed, rebooted, deleted IconCache.db, rebooted again, and nothing changes. .jpg, .mp3, .gif, .mp4, .ahk, and other files are not affected. Any ideas gratefully received!
  2. Got the notification after the upgrade to v.10. Exported my local notebooks to ENEX files as instructed, imported. only 62 notes imported out of over 500, then said there was an error during import. No further instructions given. How do I recover the remaining 400-odd notes? Looked at the guts of the ENEX file and of course the resource itself is encrypted which is no help, so I can't tell what's missing or where the file broke. Any help appreciated.
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