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  1. Same issue...but worse. I accepted my android clips would have to be organized on the desktop version due to not being able to change notebooks or the whole tagging thing where you are forced to deselect the previous tag and of course you can't add a new tag. 😑 But it's even worse because EN is clipping whatever I previously clipped, again! So I effectively lose whatever I was trying to save. It seems to pick whatever I had tried to share to evernote, the link says whatever it seems to have gotten stuck on, so I have to do it several times for it to work, if it will work at all. It's very frustrating that everyone is saying to go back to previous version, but I like some of the new features and feel that I am paying for the development of them...soooo whyyyy is it such a hassle to get the bugs fixed before adding on more features????? Just like frickin Adobe...
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