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  1. I use X1 (because it can index networked Windows files); to index Evernote I just export all the notes once a month.
  2. It sounds as though this functionality is off Evernote's roadmap. After a quick look at the developer documentation for IFilter, I'm not surprised - it would require support for a URL to each note and I suspect it's different for different versions of Windows. Altogether a bit gritty for a cross-platform tool. It's a pity, as it would make Evernote into my tool of choice for organising random bits of information. Without decent fast search that includes Outlook as well, a note system is virtually useless to me. Anyone know of a third party providing this 'iFilter'? Or a third party who might be persuaded to do so? Or is there a way to export all notes in an appropriate format so that Windows will automatically index them? So one could do an automated daily export. Say to MS Outlook OneNote or even simple Outlook Notes? - Charles
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