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  1. I do something similar to falk but using BBEdit rather than the Terminal window. I don't advise people pasting things into Terminal windows in case they forget the cat > /dev/null step.. Any programmer editor will take the plain text off the clipboard. The reason these approaches work is that it puts a cleaned version back on the clipboard. The clipboard contains multiple representations. (Evernote puts about 20 on there, as I pointed out in January.) When you paste into a programming editor, you just get the plain text representation. if you then select all and copy back from the editor, the only thing that goes into the clipboard is a plain text version. Even if that plain text is identical to what was already in the clipboard, it wipes out all the formatted representations. Pasting into Evernote will then convert that plain text into a minimal formatted version using the settings in your desktop app for default text.
  2. Just to clarify, Joe was on the right track but the current ENEX limits mean that a custom importer is also required: You have to save additional data and know how to pull it back in. On import, you might want to update notes rather than add new copies. The idea behind the smartENEX project is to define a community standard for an extended ENEX and enough tools to help people integrate custom import and export into their own product.
  3. That still doesn't fix the import-update issue of wanting to pull things in to update the same notes in the same notebook and it means you have to move notes to the destination notebook after importing. If they came from multiple notebooks that's a pain. Due to some encouragement (pushing) from Chinarut, a github repo and wiki has been created and we welcome contributions. I am incredibly busy but I fear nothing will solve this and I need to have solutions at least for my own apps. (Which, as they are priority 3 behind client work and touchgr.am will probably still not see daylight before 2015, sigh). We hope that by making this a well-seeded community effort, even if Evernote don't solve the problem, there will be created a viable alternative to help with import/export.
  4. I put a formal request to Evernote as I discussed in this thread, to add fields to the export. Seven months later, not a peep in response other than the initial acknowledgement.
  5. I don't know if Scott is using a beta which has changed things. The current Windows desktop version I have is the release version and the Simplify Formatting and Remove Formatting behaviour has been the same for a long time. It applies to the whole note regardless of selection.
  6. Look on the Format menu - Remove Formatting is down the bottom and the Windows key is Ctrl-Shift-Space
  7. Is this going to remain a web application or are there plans to move it to desktop or mobile?
  8. That raises some interesting issues for third parties trying to implement this feature. I manually create "home pages" where I have a table of internal links to the most important pages relating to given topics. Those are in a special notebook of their own. I wonder if there's some scope for an automated "abstracting" app doing something similar to create a notebook that you use offline, as an index page. Would you settle for the text content only being stored offline without markup or media? Evernote's index of terms from scanning may not be available for offline searches - if so that would make this feature dramatically more difficult.
  9. I've been thinking about this a bit. I have quite a lot of experience in this kind of reconciliation, having written a database and report-writer that included XML serialisation (way back in the 90's before XML became and then ceased to be *****). It's not conceptually hard - a custom exporter/importer could write an ENEX file with additional metadata in the format, or alongside it, and use that to reconcile the original links when it uploads. As I was writing the above, I wondered what would happen if I put a link to the note in itself. This works - you can effectively include the note's own link in its content, with a little bit of work! The funny thing was when I imported that note back again - it went into Imported Notes - and clicked that link - it came up with both notes as a result of clicking the note. Temporarily, the newly imported note has the same GUID and is found by a local search. After a sync, the new note has its own GUID and clicking on the link just takes me back to the original. I next tried deleting the original to see what effect that had on the link. It behaved the way I expected - the link is a valid HTTP address with nothing at the location so it doesn't trigger any visible change but it remains in the note. This means, adopting this technique, you can have a bunch of notes which can be reimported in any order and the links repaired by a single scavenging program later. eg: (simplifying the numbers for ease of reading) Note MyIndex contains a link ID 145 Note Andy's Insights has the ID 145 and contains a link to self (manually created) with that ID 145. Both notes are exported and imported into a clean system. Andy's Insights now has the ID 197 and still contains that link to self of 145. I could write a scavenger program that went through and built a target table of notes containing "link to self hyperlinks" that matches their old self GUID with their new GUID. It would then go over my other notes and find any pointing to those original hyperlinks, correcting them to the new ones. This is a search-and-replace on hyperlinks.
  10. My focus with this app is on power-users who want to tweak raw ENML (the HTML-based markup language) or use Markdown syntax with it translating between ENML and Markdown. This is partly because I think that there is a different market from the normal Evernote client apps and the markup-editing class of users are never going to be addressed by an official Evernote client (unless this got acquired and became a second blessed client). So, my editor will be accompanied by a preview in a web control but almost certainly not WYSIWIG editing. It may also be attractive to people who do not want to edit raw markup text but want a better range of formatting cleanup controls, so maybe I should expose the format cleanup directly on the preview pane as well. This discussion makes me wonder what levels of format simplification may be needed and if the UI should offer a choice between things possibly not mutually exclusive e.g.: strip all style formatting but leave tables structurally intact unify styles to same font collapse paragraphs and other divs into simple paragraphs (technically, the same as pure plain text in a text editor) collapse tables where possible, thinking of the use of tables as a web page formatting gimmick, with non-tabular data
  11. Time Machine is great and one of the things that makes me such an Evernote fan is knowing I have an offline copy of my data (actually on about 5 machines). Another tip is to cycle through a couple of different disks with your Time Machine, and keep one offsite. I have had Time Machine die on my Mac twice in the last 3 years (OK, over several OS/X versions) and thus lost access to those backups. Remember if someone breaks in and steals your computer they will likely grab any nearby disks that are connected so your backups could go at the same time. Back in the 80's I was a Vax systems manager. I haven't felt very safe since I stopped having multi generational tape backups of my Mac but I can't afford the kind of gear necessary to backup that quantity so I just use multiple hard disks and feel a little nervous.
  12. Here's a workflow I posted on Quora, in a thread about this problem, if you need more ammunition to remind them why this was a bad design decision: if you make a mistake when editing a note and want to avoid loss but can't cancel the note - jump immediately into Safari and fire up the web client so you can make a copy of the affected note. That way you won't lose the content. I'm often editing notes on an iPad but have my iPhone with me so will do the same thing with a different client - fire up Evernote on the iPhone and duplicate the note there before I press the Done button on the damaged note. As a really last resort, you can recover old notes on a desktop computer with backups, going through the hoops of restoring an old entire database just to copy one note out
  13. I am working on an app which will make this possible however it's second in line behind my DevCup entry. First out will be an iOS version closely followed by the OS/X and then Windows (I don't do Android, yet). It's a side-feature of an app which is a MultiMarkdown-based editor also allowing power users to directly edit raw ENML.
  14. ahhh, disappointing, I would really like something finer-grained.Maybe by the time I've got my current projects completed, the iPad client will include native ink. (err, that would be completed my current projects and the vast domestic chores backlogged by the interruption for the Evernote competion :? ). Otherwise, I'll have a go at it myself.
  15. Thanks for informing me of another solution because I find myself in the same situation at times. Which of Notetaker HD vs Noteshelf would you say has the best Evernote integration especially if you want to jump around between a few pages?
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