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  1. The point is that if you are relying heavily on JS it is a lot harder to avoid things bogging down an iOS app. (Ironically, WebAssembly would probably make it easier for a pure web client to delegate). I can get up to four keys popped up on my iOS keyboard as the editor bogs down.
  2. Hmmm, maybe Atom, if it looks like Electron? I can understand you abandoning TinyMCE as the costs go up dramatically but very sad it is still JS-based.
  3. Mac 7.1. I had to upgrade from 6.11 because of other clashes with recent MacOS. It no longer has any control over how often sync occurs. Both the timing and manual option were removed. When I am editing a long note, sync during the process means things end up in the wrong place. If I am just typing without using any commands, it usually copes. Copy and paste is a disaster.
  4. Me too, for much of the last 25 years. Plus Swift and C# and GLSL and .... I would rather stay in Swift ;-) rezcib said Electron is an app framework, not a WP engine. I'm interested on multiple grounds: I have a dark suspicion that, particularly on iOS, a JS-based engine is being used which locks up the main thread and that conflicts badly with processing metadata for 34K notes. I have projects for which I'd like to use a cross-platform WP engine, not a simple non-wrapping text editor. Going back into the early 90's, I've delivered multiple projects using such engines. Back in 1992 we had custom WP on Mac Classics for a magazine classified ads system. Written in C++ with the c-tree Plus shared database file, it delivered better search and editing experiences in a distributed system than modern web-based code. Hence my deep cynicism about progress. That was just an off-the-shelf (expensive) package no longer available - to get the performance then it was written in 68K assembler. I've also put a lot of time into layout and word-wrapping logic writing my own report-writer, again for vastly less powerful machines than today. I have a fair idea of how hard this can be.
  5. This is contrary to the search grammar docs. I logged a bug report and was told they are going to update the docs. The docs walk through an example showing that the default is not a wildcard. I dislike having to type quotes for most of my searches but can live with it.
  6. I want to edit large clippings. If I can't use Evernote for clipping then I may as well look for a replacement. I appreciate the range of WP and other writing tools and use some of them but the entire point of Evernote is to have my data available and searchable in one product, across my many devices and locations. If I have to go back to using dedicated document editors just to add some inline comments on a clipped web page, it's lost most of its appeal. The main thing I ask is that Evernote not go backwards in robustness! A very large part of my current frustration is because of their hack to fix a sync problem, which makes it sync every few seconds.
  7. In my case I have a search failing which is only searching on attributes and tags, not text content, but was given the same advice to apply full text reindexing. Very little showing in the Activity log.
  8. Bump! It is April 2018 and the current editing experience on Mac is woeful. I am a "power user" with over 34,000 notes mainly editing on Mac and Windows, some trivial editing on iOS but have given up. Is the current editor across platforms based on TinyMCE? Does using a JavaScript editor result in more work having to be done in the main UI thread and hence more conflicts with sync? (that's more of an issue with the iOS version, which is unusable unless your phone is fully synced prior to editing) I have over 35 years development experience across many platforms, much of it GUI and a lot of editing and text layout experience. Evernote's buggy behaviour tends to trigger my suspicions as to what's going wrong and that it's got a deep architectural flaw underpinning it all.
  9. Upgrading in one fell swoop from 6.11 to 7.1 has trashed the search experience. Quotes may make a difference however I have also on multiple occasions now had different search results from two Macs sitting side by side, neither getting all the notes they should find. Your example is interesting but adds to my suspicion of deep bugs - for example "potato" should still match potato soup if it is using word matching.
  10. jefito is wrong - Evernote by default applies an AND to all arguments. You can get a limited OR effect with the any: operator which applies an OR to all arguments, regardless of where it appears in the search. As the search grammar says However, your specific search example can be achieved using a wildcard on the tag, to get everything tagged with motorcycles which does not have a bike.something tag. tag:motorcycles -tag:bike.*
  11. Note that the search grammar as documented here is now out of date - the specific restriction it reports about exact matching hasn't worked for some time and I just logged a support ticket asking them to either acknowledge it as a bug or update the grammar. They say potato will only match potato and not match potatoes but it not only does do the partial match, it highlights it (Mac and Windows desktop highlight, web matches but doesn't highlight the partial word).
  12. Ditto, just tweeted furiously about this problem which makes editing longer articles impossible.
  13. I was having this with 6.11 and updated to 7.1 to fix it and other bugs. I found that closing the window and opening a New Window often fixed in 6.11. (However the frequent incorrect search results in 7.1 are making me regret the upgrade)
  14. I have over 32,000 notes and keep only a small portion of them offline on the iPhone 6+. I'm fairly certain the problems are network problems - if I let Evernote finish sync so it has all the note metadata and offline notes loaded, editing is smooth. Despite having it set to sync on wifi only, if I try to use it whilst out and about, editing is woeful and I have the same lag problems you mention - typing is several seconds between each character. Because I have so many notes, just downloading the metadata for them takes a couple of days so I am hesitant to try deleting and re-installing as readily as most people.
  15. This is a community plea - I've been following the reports of all the bugs and drastic UI changes in 6.13 (tiny search, blank lists etc.). I'm currently on 6.11. Please don't add complaints about the state of Evernote, or lists of what's broken, I'm hoping this can stay a short thread which says why people think it's a good idea to update to a given version. Please comment here when you think there is finally a decent higher version out than 6.13.1
  16. I keep hearing about sync fixes. Has the Conflicting Modifications bug been fixed (Ticket# 2188207)? Is there any way for me to check the status of a bug - I don't think so? I am stuck on 6.11 Mac. I am scared that at some point I'm going to have to upgrade for compatibility and then will have to leave Evernote. With my 33,000+ notes I already have had to give up on using Evernote on iOS to compose notes as it's unusable for editing - I write in something else then paste. If that happens to Mac as well I will have to be gone. Sad end to years of being a Premium user and staunch advocate. I am an incredibly busy person. You have to annoy me with very bad service to get me to spend time writing these kind of posts.
  17. I was just doing one of my period forum-skims to see if the Conflicting Changes bug has been mentioned as fixed (not). In the course of that, I read a few linked articles on the state of Evernote the company, that mentioned how many programmers have left. I wonder if they are now in the horrendous situation that there are not actually people there who deeply understand the codebase, and it's too convoluted to easily fix. As a developer for over 30 years, I've encountered situations of deep technical debt like that. The prevarication over how many sync bugs have been identified, and which are being fixed fuels my despair and paranoia. From the outside, we can't tell the difference between Support staff who can't see actual bug reports, or have incoming tickets that are not related to the issues the developers work on, or A company trying to hide just how broken things are, or A company who doesn't even know how broken things are because they can't tell how many trouble tickets are the same bug. (Just in case anyone's looking at my resume, my most recent employer Realm was definitely not in that category of dysfunction).
  18. As per JMichaelTX's comment in the 6.13 Beta 3 thread, sounds like it is still not fixed!
  19. They did not list this as an issue being fixed by that version. I went down a few paths strewn with red herrings in the hours I spent diagnosing this. A couple of times I thought the issue had gone away because I just wasn't using the other Evernote desktops at the right time. Until I'm formally notified by Evernote that the bug is fixed, I'm hanging back. I am also VERY UPSET that this had become a known bug long before the first two levels of support that I was dealing with were willing to acknowledge that, and they regurgitated standard advice and insisted I go through some diagnostic steps, even though it was extremely obvious from my earliest bug report that I was encountering this issue. Either Evernote is so riddled with bugs that they can't give support a list of known bugs, or they don't bother.
  20. Downgrading to 6.11 worked fine for me, using a backup and then letting sync bring my notes up to date. Fortunately my Time Machine backup included ~/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote so I wiped the entire contents of that directory and restored from backup. Tip, if you are doing this, just restore the version file and open it with a text editor to check it contains the value 454874 (or lower). I had to go back to an early May backup to find one with that version. After that, you can download 6.11 from http://bit.ly/EN6-11
  21. Don't do it!!!!! Version 6.12 has a severe bug causing false classification of notes as having conflicting changes.
  22. My sync problem was acknowledged by Evernote as known problem, yet to be fixed. I am fairly certain it was only occurring when you also sync to either an older Mac version as well, or to Windows. If you only have one Mac desktop with 6.12.x , do you still encounter the problem?
  23. I have about 23GB of data - over 31,000 notes. Due to the ongoing and severe bugs in 6.12 I have decided I need to roll back to 6.11 on my main Mac. I have another Mac with Evernote 6.11 still installed. Can I safely copy over the data from the other Mac and use 6.11? Due to the size of data I don't want to go through many days of downloads to just drop a fresh copy of 6.11 on my main Mac. For now, I am muddling along using the web interface, although using multiple windows is a bit scary and not recommended here
  24. Further to the sync problem with conflicting notes notebooks being generated, after spending a lot of time testing and providing feedback, I came up with a theory that is highly repeatable - the problem occurs when your notes are also synchronised to a Windows Older Desktop. Edit - I reported this as being due to a Windows desktop but think it's just because that was syncing a lot more frequently and thus likely to trigger the bug - I had it happen again when Windows was shut down. it's still a bug (natch) in 6.12.1 release For Evernote staff, my Ticket# 2188207 has now been escalated to technical support after some very useful exchanges with Brian S in frontline support. Things I have established: It is not just new notes - editing a very old note can trigger the bug. The apparent randomness of it and issues with BackBlaze running all appear to be complete red-herrings. At some point, possibly in Mac 6.12 or earlier, the Conflicting Changes notebooks went from being created as local notebooks to being synchronised. Timeline for duplicating the problem: Setup a Windows (or Mac) desktop machine to regularly sync. Leave Evernote open in that machine. On the 6.12 Mac, edit a note, be it new or old. (The act of editing will probably trigger sync). Windows Other machine syncs notes down. Continue editing on Mac. Windows Other machine syncs notes back up. Continue editing on Mac - the next time sync triggers pulling the note back down, it is marked as conflicting.
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