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  1. Well. The Todo feautre wouldn't hurt anyways . Besides, the slogan: "Remember Everything" would get an addition "Remember everything, on time". I never used Todo apps, and probably never will, but I really need something like the "due date" feature, where app would remind me, that I've set the date for this until [...]. This would be very very handy. I don't want to use 2 different apps for this, I think it would be very very very handy for lots of users. I'd be ready to get Premium Membership++ for this feature. I need it, and think many others do as well and feel the same way as I do.
  2. Hello, First of all, currently I feel like the happiest man alive about discovering evernote. It is just awesome. Thank you for this software. But there is one thing I'm missing. An option to set a "Notebook" as a "To Do Type", so when Adding entries I could add until when do I have to complete this Todo, and when the time comes (for example within 24 hours before the date & hour) evernote would Remind me (growl would be awesome there as well) that I have to complete this task soon. This functionality would make evernote the ultimate tool for me. I am a new user, still exploring Evernote, so forgive me if this already exists. ( I know the checkbox thingy exists in notes, but that's not quite what I'm looking for in this case, I need something with what to manage time and set reminders for myself ).
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