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  1. That is right, however out of 11 extensions I use, in my opinion it requires non informed configuration to work with an app, furthermore I am not sure why it is interrupting with key input so I thought I would mention it here still.
  2. Hi, Evernote web clipper, when installed and enabled in chrome Version 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit) it disables a game engine application known as 'Construct 3' especially with key down inputs for some reason, e.g. it will not accept the arrow keys properly but will accept all number pad arrows on the far right side of the keyboard if the num lock is turned off. More details here: https://www.construct.net/en/forum/construct-3/how-do-i-8/how-do-i-solve-these-top-down-140420
  3. Good method, but I am seeking it as a feature more than anything.
  4. How can I not make the text editing less white? I mean I have tried apps like Marxico and they just don't do it for me, when will Evernote build the functionality to have a different coloured background in my notes?
  5. That looks like a good app, but unless I can adapt the free version to use the storage say on evernote or google drive it would not work for me as then I am spending way to much money.
  6. Yeah I did consider the space, but at most its like an hour to 45 mins (I always seem to be late lol) recording at a maximum of 3.5 MB at 10 GB a month and 3.5 MB and at roughly 3 lectures per week, that equates to 3.5 MB * 12 = 42 MB so no where near my allowance limit. I did the math already Yeah I mean I was looking at an app called note talker, my problem is because I already use ever note I was trying to find a way where I spend no further money.
  7. I want to record lecture at university using the mic in my iPhone SE / attached mic and then type the notes on my macbook to the same note, will it cause conflicts if I do this at the same time to the same note or would I be better creating separate notes one for the audio file and one for the written notes?
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