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  1. I am really sorry but this doesn't make sense. I have been using todoist for like forever with my phone and desktop app. and it never failed to sync !! On a different note I am not using the phone and desktop at the same time ! actually I uninstalled the desktop version and trying to use only my iphone and the web version. The web being to organize while the iphone is to capture whatever happens during the day.. but that too is not working !!!! Where is the support team of evernote ? Are we left alone here ?
  2. I have only 1 version and if i might understand why the desktop would not sync... what about the mobile (iphone app)? my mobile and desktop have the old data and the web has the updated data !! this is just crazy !! i uninstalled and reinstalled on the desktop and on the iphone ... same... weird enough when i try to delete from the desktop it doesn’t delete !! same for the iphone app !!
  3. Hello, I am logging in on my PC (the web and APP). On the web the data is updated. on the APP, there are tens of notebooks that I had deleted from the web interface that are still available !!! I try to delete , but it won't delete !! It moves it to the trash, then 2-3 sec later , it reappears !! Same thing on my Iphone. I tried uninstalling the desktop, completely removed all files and folders "Dropbox".... when I re-install it comes back again !!! Same on my phone !! HELP !!! (premium account)
  4. I’m using the windows app. but the thing is that in the note the pdf content is displayed which I do not want. what I want is to be a thumbnail like the excel attachment. if I double click on it it opens the pdf or else it is just a thumbnail. thanks
  5. Hello, Is there a way to disable the PDF Files to show the contents in notes ? If I attach an excel file, it get a file name and I need to doubleclick to open. If I attach a PDF file, it displays in the note, and I do not want that behaviour. Thanks
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