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  1. This is the case for me too. I have about 7200 notes and Evernote has been excruciatingly slow. I have a lot of PDFs and office documents as attachments and I get that maybe this slows things up a bit but clearly simple tasks like notebook selection should not last 5 seconds! The Windows client is in my experience more responsive.
  2. Has this issue been resolved? It's 20 months later and when I tried to purchase a yearly subscription I got the same message. Under the payment options is this message: I made sure that all of the above are as needed + I have a positive balance in Paypal way more than what is required for a year subscription. The only thing I can think of is that I have only one credit card on paypal and it's set to expire sometime next month. I don't have the new one yet. Is this why I get the error? I'm asking because I read somewhere on the forum that a recurrent billing must be set up and for that, a credit card is needed. Why should a recurring billing be set up? I can understand if it's about monthly subscriptions since it's an inconvenience to repay every month but why would this system be needed for one year subscriptions?
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