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  1. That’s exactly what I was pointing out. It’s too small for many people and they won’t let you change it. How dumb is that! Evernote is trying too hard for us, paying customers, to just go away.
  2. Crazy to release a version like this (which is clearly a beta) without a proper warning.
  3. I just want to change the default font size from 16 to 18. Doesn't seem like a crazy feature.
  4. I'm trying to change the default font (type, size...) for all new notebook. This should be a pretty core functionality but I can't find it. Moreover, I try to select the whole notebook and change it to the type of font I want but as soon as I change the line, the font goes back to the default one. The app doesn't even have a preferences menu (it only shows the option to "save data at log out). I can't even find an "update app" option. Anybody knows if this is just a (huge) bug in the new desktop app? (I'm using 10.3.7). Thanks!
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