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  1. Excellent, thanks. I had just never seen that bar before, now I know.🙂
  2. I noticed today that my iPhone is showing a green status type bar in the notebooks, but that is not showing online or on my ipad. Can anyone tell me what is going on with that bar? See attached pic. I just want to make sure there is not some sort of limit in a notebook. I have very few notes in there and no pictures to speak of, just text. Just curious on what this is. Thanks
  3. I am running v10.2 on my iphone and ipads and v10.4.4 on my desktop. Searches on the desktop app works just fine, you search for a word and get results you can read. On the iOS devices, my search results show the amount of notes that word was found in, but shows everything as gray lines instead of text. If I click on what looks like a note (gray lines), then it goes to a solid white page with no info, nothing. When I go back to the search results I am still seeing the gray lines in place of text. I know the notes I am searching exist on the mobile apps, a web browser, and o
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