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  1. Same problem. OSX 10.13.6 and Evernote Version 7.10 (457750 Direct) A MacBook expert spent lots of time with me, deleting or moving various keychain files, resetting device, working with and without iCloud, and so on. Thought we solved it -- but then the EvernoteSpotlight error came up again. It did seem to let me "Deny" after entering my password, but hard to say. What's the timeline for a fix?
  2. Hi. I'm just trying out the new UI now. First reaction, wish I hadn't switched. But haven't figure it all out yet. Question: How do we quickly tag multiple notes? In the past, I would select notes (in list view) and then drag and drop them onto a tag in the sidebar. But now it seems we can't drag notes onto tags? How else can we quickly tag notes, especially multiple notes at a time? thanks!!
  3. +1 See also this forum thread on Yep (because I don't want to seem to be double-posting) viewtopic.php?f=38&t=23208&p=114854#p114854
  4. +! for Openmeta tag support. I'd like to stick with Evernote, I like it and it seems quite elegant, and my work often involves taking notes for data (so to speak) and gradually working toward documents/presentations. I'm using Yep because I need a way to tag many hundreds of project and doc/pdf (etc) files that I don't expect to organize through Evernote. Yep helps manage files across the entire computer, so I think it serves a different purpose than Evernote. Also, working from my folder system, I was able to tag 2,000 files yesterday, so it seems pretty efficient for tagging. Perhaps there are some tricks or work-arounds to use Yep (Openmeta) tags in Evernote? (Or to get the Evernote and Openmeta tags to match/sync?)
  5. Hi. I'm starting to use "Copy to Notebook" to make templates and "templated" Notes. I put the templates into a separate Notebook "Templates" to avoid my potential confusion in editing/using it. I like that it can copy the Tags from the Template (via Options from the Copy to Note menu.) I am about to use a single template to create ~50 notes. Very helpful -- after copying once, the Note menu offers a choice to Copy to same notebook again! But when the Template creates a new Note, it uses the same Title as the Template. This strikes me as problematic, because if I'm not careful I could end up with Notes with the same Title. (It's also odd because my Template needs to have a title that differentiates it as a template vs. its clones.) Is there any way for Evernote to copy the Template into a Note with a different Title? Or to prompt me to modify the Title? (Granted, I guess it's not too hard to do it by manually...) I'd welcome hearing more tips about Templates, thanks
  6. +1 for table editing Meanwhile, what is the best work-around solution for editing Evernote tables? I'd like to be able to change the number of rows/columns, and to move a give row (or column), i.e., change the order Also, change size of the table (though I guess it adjusts to content) So far, I can redo the note w/ table in MS Word (for Mac) and move it back into Evernote. But this seems inconvenient, in terms of workflow, so maybe I am better off not using such tables in Evernote? Unfortunately, this could Evernote less useful for my course preparation.
  7. hgray1

    mac REQUEST: Zoom

    Ok, now I see the shortcuts are comm + and comm - That's helpful. Still, it requires adjusting every note, would it be better to have viewing options?
  8. hgray1

    mac REQUEST: Zoom

    I would also like a way to zoom / enlarge the screen while typing notes. I would like to reduce the text size when reading, and printing of course. Otherwise, isn't the program rather cumbersome? Thanks!
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