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  1. Hi All In the pass When I write note using ever note. I am able click on place to view where I wrote the note ? Now I am using ver 4.1.7 , I am not able get the detail information to link my note to map. Same also photo taken also unable to have geotag link to map. Hope some one can tell me where I go wrong ?
  2. Hi All In the past I use iphone with Evernote I can send note to my friend thru email. When I buy S2 phone. I try send email it does not give me error msg. Can I notice email does not send to those distribution list. May I know how to check if the error does not send out ? Paul
  3. Hi All I have use android ver .My ver 3.2.3 I have problem as I am unable send my note to my friend. When I send the email is not able to reach my friend in box. But when I change to iphone ver , it can send out email with out any problem. Hope some one can share with me where go wrong ? Paul
  4. Hi sir , Thank for your response. May be my question is not clear. Let me repeat hope it fine with you. I create an account share with all iphone and android phone user. When iphone user enter their text on Evernote , it have geo tags on the note. But android user enter note when I use my iphone to view their note I am unable to view the geo tags info ( go to note , clock on detail it does display location pull down list , view on map ) I try go to setting , I unable to locate the turn on geo tags . Hope some one can enlighten me. Paul
  5. Hi all aneroid OS user, can tell me your note does able to view the location data ? Paul
  6. Hi All I share my ever note account with all my sales staff, when they enter note after visit the customer , for iphone user I click on detail at top right , it will display general , tags, locations. But when aneroid it only display general only. It does not display tag and locations. Hope aneroid user can confirm with me . Or show me what need to set in order to display location ? Paul
  7. Hi All Can the expert tell me it is not possible ? As I see my post no reply. Paul
  8. Hi All When I follow my sales staff visit the customer , I use evernote to write a note , title today visit ABC COY. Next time when I want to go to ABC COY by myself , I go to evernote , I can find the alltitbue and longtittitube information. May I know how can i transfer to google map , so that I can use google map to bring me there. Hope some one can share with me. Right now I need to manually copy the gps data to google map which is very trouble some. Paul
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