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  1. CalS: Thanks for your help! I DID find a fix.

    I deleted the EN Windows software on PC, including the Evernote databases. Reinstalled EN Windows and Synced the web version to the computer. Took a couple hours, given large number of notes in Evernote, but 'multiple tagging' now works. 

    Why this fix worked, who knows? Since the problem continued over two software versions until I did the complete clean reinstall, I can only assume some small corruption in the software was hidden away until I wiped the slate completely clean.

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  2. CalS, gazumped: Two days ago I downloaded, in the hope that the current EN Windows version might solve the 'multiple tag' problem that I first noticed in the previous version. Didn't solve the problem, so I then posted to the Forum. I have tried File Exit, cold boot of the PC, anything I could think of to clear caches, et al. 

    Seems to be a relatively minor glitch with software, not data, but it was a tagging option I used constantly. I posted to the Forum to see if other users had the problem and had found a fix. 

    I had a really annoying problem with Evernote a couple years ago where the software couldn't find the local database for love or money. I finally resolved that problem by totally wiping Evernote from the computer and reinstalling and reloading data from the web, a time-consuming big deal. My current issue is minor by comparison, EXCEPT that I find tagging very efficient, in many use cases a better approach than global searches, so I am hoping I can find a fix.

  3. In the last couple versions of Evernote for Windows, I cannot add a tag to multiple notes. Not a problem to add a tag to a single note, but the 'multiple notes tagging' feature was very useful and I miss it. Am I missing something that has changed from earlier versions? I used to be able to select as many notes as needed and add or delete a tag in a single step, a great convenience!

  4. Dave-in-Decatur: In case of interest, I FINALLY found a fix. Tried what you suggested with no luck. Tried reinstalling the W10 EN client several times. Tried installing as Username-only as opposed to All-Users on my PC. Tried copying the EN database to a couple different locations on my hard drive in case software was having trouble locating the database. In all cases, did a complete uninstall including registry data so as to start with a clean result from reinstalling software. 

    What worked: Synced notes from the cloud. Did nothing else before exiting software, as doing any navigating always resulted in the dreaded freeze within a few clicks. After leaving the W10 EN client, uninstalled the software. Downloaded the software anew. The new install then 'found' the database already downloaded to my hard drive from the cloud. I am so relieved, as I use the W10 EN client daily and find it much faster and simpler to navigate around then the web browser version.

    Why this worked? I haven't a clue. I assume the problem arose because the most recent W10 client update somehow made it impossible for the software to find the database on my hard drive, but why this should happen when it never happened before, who knows? Thanks for your help!

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  5. After using Evernote on my Windows 10 PC with no problems for years, for last two days the local client goes into 'Non-response' every time I try to use. My data on web is OK. I have tried all the fixes I could find on the forum, ie, Fix Notes, Re-create Search Index, Expunge last several notes, Sync. No luck. 

    I then tried a clean install. First deleted using iObit Uninstaller, removing registry files and all else. Downloaded from Evernote Downloads page. Opened the new install. Same non-response freeze after a couple clicks to open a note.

    QUESTION: I did not have time to Sync the new install on my Windows 10 PC to the cloud. However, the old data seemed to be there, as well as the freeze problem. Is it possible the Windows 10 install is still finding the old database on my PC?  If so, where to find, can I delete and re-create from the perfectly functional cloud database? Help!

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