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  1. I am also facing this issue. Also the search shows completely 'deleted content' too (for recently deleted notes)....
  2. I am on windows 10 and yes I am facing this issue from today morning.
  3. When I try, Evernote window seems to be larger (than other apps) and I can't even resize it after certain point, result is another app is smaller in comparison to Evernote. I am on Windows 10 with HP laptop and using Evernote windows app with latest version (above 10 of course).
  4. Please make Evernote adaptable to multitasking of Windows 10. In other applications when I click windows button + arrow key, they realign automatically and works really good but that is not happening with Evernote, I don't know the reason behind that. But, I will like to see Evernote getting exactly halved on screen so that I can comfortably write from another open app.
  5. I am also facing the same issue. I'm using Evernote for exam preparation in which 'word limit' matters. I will like to request Evernote to kindly resolve this issue and bring that feature back (view menu -> status bar containing word limit information). That was a really handy feature for those who used it.
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