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  1. +1 — indeed. Went from 1 click to 3 clicks to open a pdf. No manual sync, so now have to close the app and reopen to sync.. No customization of the left bar. To add checkboxes, now a pull down menu — 2 clicks instead of 1 click. Not to mention the pesky YOU ARE UP TO DATE! message that pops up at the most inopportune moments. In business, flow efficiency matters. Please reconsider simplifying the number of clicks to get to things that matter..
  2. +! — not only are there no MacOS app settings to turn automatic updates on/off, but the autoupdate code checks every day and if it finds none, proceeds to display an annoying "You're up to date!" dialog message EVERY DAY, interrupting whatever it is that you're doing. What about displaying a message ONLY when it updates? What a wreck of a new version.
  3. +1 bring back the SYNC button. Shows LITTLE understanding of how business users use the app and where it sits within the speed and flow of business. That said. Only way to cause a sync AFAICS is to kill the app and restart — force a data save upon log out , and a an automatic update upon restart. See Preferences. Tedious and annoying at best.
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