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  1. Yup, I had the same experience, and benefited from the same fix strategy. After the update to 10.6.9, Helper would no longer perform various screen, window or selection captures. So, I uninstalled Evernote, then reinstalled 10.6.9, as downloaded from the Evernote website, and all is good now. A remaining issue for capture is that invoking it from Helper causes the windows to switch. One has to 4-finger scroll back to the window of choice, while the camera icon remains active, to work on the desired window. Since Helper is in the menu bar, this should be agnostic to which window is in front. I hope for a future fix.
  2. I spoke too soon, at least for the older version of Evernote (6.8) on the older MacOS (10.9.5). Each time I close Evernote, the "open at login" rechecks itself, and even re-installs itself in the System Preferences list of Login Items. So, that continues to be a problem, doubly so because v6.8 is apparently as good as it gets for this older version of MacOS. Since this is a company Mac about to be refreshed, I am not about to upgrade to anything current. But it remains a problem for those not inclined to upgrade to at least Yosemite. Unless the Evernote folks are willing to issue a backward fix, of course. Hope. Hope.
  3. This problem has been irritating me through several versions of Evernote on two MacBooks I use (currently 6.10 with MacOS 10.10.5; 6.8 with MacOS 10.9.5). The checked "open at login" option when right-clicking the app icon refused to be toggled to unchecked. But the earlier suggestion to work through System Preferences/Users & Groups/Login Items worked for me in both circumstances. Once I checked Evernote (but not Evernote Helper), unchecking the app icon option to "open at login" now remains unchecked, and the app no longer loads at login. Indeed, Evernote is not even listed as a login item under System Preferences anymore. Note that version 6.8 does not even offer an option under Preferences/General to toggle Evernote start-up at login; this only appeared apparently with 6.9.
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