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  1. TBH I think the best way would be to provide migration instructions for the users and let them handle it from there (if they so choose). As @OldManGeorge implied, there's very little of the process that can be automated, as most of it (export, import, open) takes place within the proprietary apps themselves. Also, OneNote has a rather useless and annoying import behavior in which it splits imported notebooks with over 100 pages into separate 100 page sections. This means you have to manually remerge large notebooks within the OneNote for Windows 10 application itself. There is, however, 1
  2. @OldManGeorge just wanna say thank you very much for the guide. Thanks to it, I was finally able to switch over to OneNote from Evernote after at 3 previous attempts over the years failed. I was seriously worried I was gonna be stuck paying $75/year for Evernote just because I couldn't find a way to properly move my data between services. That said, there are some peculiarities on the OneNote side I'll point out: 1st of all, on Windows 10, you'll want to use the OneNote for Windows 10 app and not the OneNote 2019 app. The former uses the paradigm I describe below, while the latter mi
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